Public transportation in Japan is very convenient and quite punctual. Even though some places are not reachable by train, you can still ride a bus to your destination. We will share some information about riding a bus in Japan.

First, confirm the route maps posted on the signboards. Match the kanji characters of your destination place with those written in the signboards.

Second, check the timetables posted on the signboard. The bus schedule in weekend maybe different from the weekday schedule. You will need to remember the following kanji,

(平日) Weekdays

( 休日) Weekend

Third, before riding the bus, you need to confirm the destination written in the front of bus screen.

Fourth, board the bus through front or middle door. Some buses only allow you to board through middle door.

Take the ticket at the ticket machine (you will see it near the middle door). The bus fare is paid later when you are about to get off at your destination.

However some buses require you to pay the bus fare in advance. The fare is flat, which is sometimes around 210 yen. You can pay it with cash or IC card. If you pay it with cash, insert your coins in slot number 1. The ticket machine will not return your change so if  you don’t have enough coins, exchange your notes in the money exchange slots. If you don’t know how to exchange your money, ask the bus driver to help you.


ryougae wo dekimasuka.

Can I exchange my money here?


Please note that only 1000 yen bills can be accepted in the money exchange slots.


If you pay it with IC card, touch your card in slot number 2.

You can also recharge your IC card inside the bus. You can ask the driver to help you.


Chaaji wo shitai desuga

I want to recharge my IC card

bus fare

Take your seat and enjoy the ride.

Image result for japan bus button

Credit: Homepage of JR PASS

Press this button to inform the driver that you wish to get off at the next stop.


Hope this helps.


Enjoy your stay in Japan!

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