You are feeling unwell but you can not find any interpreter to accompany you to Japanese doctor?

Don’t worry, you can do it by yourself.

Speak slowly or just print this article and show it to your doctor.

No. Symptom in English Symptom in Japanese
1. I have a headache 頭が痛いんです( Atama ga itain desu)
2. I have a toothache 歯が痛いんです (Ha ga itain desu)
3. I have a stomachache おなかが痛いんです (Onaka ga itain desu)
4. I think I have a cold かぜがひいたようです(kaze ga hiita you desu)
5. I have a cough せきがでますが(seki ga demasu ga)
6. I feel like vomiting はきそうです (haki sou desu)
7. I have a fever 熱がありますが (netsu ga arimasu ga)
8. I  have no appetite 食欲がありませんですが(syokuyoku ga arimasen desuga)
9. I don’t feel well 気分が悪い(kibun ga warui)
10. I have a runny nose 鼻水がでますが(hanamizu ga demasu ga)
11. I have a diarrhea 下痢をしています(geri wo shiteimasu)
12. I have my period 整理ですが(seiri desu ga)

Hope this helps!

Good luck


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