Your hair is getting messy and you can no longer bear it?


Let’s get some hair cut for around 1000 yen in your nearby hair salon such as QB house or Hair Studio Iwasaki.

As for QB house, you will need to pay in advance. Buy your ticket in the ticket machine and wait until the hair dresser calls your waiting number.

As for Hair Studio Iwasaki, you will need to write down your name and the service you need in the guest list paper. If you want to have some hair cut, just write number 1. After that, just wait until the hair dresser calls your name.

The hair dresser will ask you first.


kyou wa dou shimasuka

How would you like your hair today?


Use these phrases to communicate with the hair dresser.


mijikaku shite kudasai

Please make it shorter



2cm gurai kitte kudasai

Please cut off about 2cm



maegami wo kitte kudasai

Please cut my bangs



maegami wo fuyashite kudasai

Please increase my bangs



dan wo irete kudasai

Please layer cut my hair



kami wo karuku shite kudasai

Please thin out my hair


Some hair dressers will again obtain confirmation from you that you are happy with the cut.

If you are satisfied, tell them daijobu (ok)

If you are not satisfied, you can tell them exactly what you want.

Use the word of motto to emphasize the things that you want

For example,


Motto mijikaku shite kudasai



Please cut it more shorter


The hairdresser will blow your hair and do some finishing cuts to have a perfect finish.

Don’t forget to say thank you.


Hope this helps!
Enjoy your stay in Japan!


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