Japanese foods are very healthy and look very tempting. One of the most essential sauces for Japanese cuisine is soy sauce.  Generally soy sauce is made from a mixture of soy beans, wheat, salt and yeast.  However, alcohol may be added as preservative afterwards.

If you have special dietary restriction and need to find to a non alcoholic soy sauce, you can find the following soy sauce brands in the supermarket or in amazon.co.jp

Yamasa Koikuchi Shoyu Price 388 yen- Cooking Soy Sauce


Mayo Miso Halal Shoyu (With Halal Label) Price 918 yen- Cooking Soy Sauce


Sanbishi Shoyu (With Halal Label) Price 940 yen for 3 bottles- Cooking Soy Sauce


And this is the soy sauce that can be used for sushi or sashimi

Hope this helps!

Enjoy your stay in Japan!

If you have difficulty to shop in Japanese online shops, please send your inquiry. We will help you to shop with additional JPY 500 for each service.

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