Actress Erika Sawajiri (30) to play as a mother in a NTV dorama, “Haha ni Naru”, which will be airing in April, 2017, every Wednesday at 10 PM. Sawajiri alongside Eiko Koike (36) and Yuka Itaya (41) will act as three mother whose children were kidnapped. Each of them are trying to face the aftermath and keep growing up as a “mother”.


Sawajiri will act as a mother named Kaori Kashiwazaki, whose son was kidnapped on the way home from a kindergarten. Nine years after that incident, Kashiwazaki had separated from her husband and lives alone. But then her 13 years old son suddenly appeared…

This news received mixed feedbacks from the netizens. Some of their comments are: “This dorama seems interesting!”, “It seems scary. I got stressed out even before watching.”, “She’s cute, but I can see her playing mother role.”, “Love this cast, I can’t wait to watch it,”, and so on.

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