Your doctor doesn’t speak English?

Don’t worry! Let’s try to remember these phrases when you need to visit a Japanese doctor who doesn’t speak English at all.

No.  Instruction in english  In Kanji  In Romaji
1. Take off your top please 上だけぬいでください Ue dake nuide kudasai
2. Open wide, please 口を大きくあけてください Kuchi wo ookiku akete kudasai
3. Hold your breath 息をとめてください Iki wo tomete kudasai
4. Turn around, please うしろをむいてください Ushiro wo muite kudasai
5. Next, let me check your back 次はせなかです Tsugi wa senaka desu
6. Lie down there, please そこによこになってください Soko ni yoko ni natte kudasai
7. Lie on your back, please あおむけになってください Aomuke ni natte kudasai
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