My experience working abroad- well, there is no subway in Indonesia and the train is not convenient either. We Japanese generally use a car with the driver, so sometimes I feel uneasy of being chauffeured to various places by the local driver. As for the service, I feel that the quality of the service here is still lacking. However, there are many staffs who are cheerful and I think this is the good point of Indonesian people. Even so, I always miss Japanese convenient public transportation. The taste of food is different from those in Japan. Even though the number of Japanese restaurants has been increasing but it is not enough to satisfy my appetite and food life. In general, I do like Indonesian people though sometimes I also dislike some types of people. What I like from Indonesian are their cheerfulness- they seldom get angry, and I think this is a very good personality of Indonesian people. However, when it comes to food.. it is difficult to avoid food poisoning here.

Well, there are many good and bad points of living in this country and I personally believe that we should enjoy experiencing cultures that are different from our home country.


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