Have you ever wonder how the Japanese celebrities maintain their healthy diet? Here are some tricks that might work for you.



Tao Tsuchiya

The young actress Tao Tsuchiya said that she didn’t really think about her weight, but the most important thing of all is a good healthy body. As a student in Japan Women’s College of Physical Education, Tsuchiya seems really understand that doing extreme diet is not good for her health. One of her recommendation to loose weight is to reduce carb intake. “I lost my weight once, and what I ate the most was kanten and tokoroten,” said Tsuchiya.

(note: kanten, also known as agar, is a jelly-like substance, obtained from algae. While tokoroten is a dish made by kanten jelly noodles and served with a sweet or savoury sauce.)



Ami Kikuchi

Model Ami Kikuchi is the type who easily rebound white gain after a weight loss. When asked “are you gaining weight lately?”, she is  the type who will answer honestly, “Yes, I just gained 12 kilograms.” “I have lost 9 kilograms in 2014, but it rebounded quickly so I started to do a healthy diet, ” she said. Kikuchi only eats carbs for breakfast and lunch and skips it for dinner. She also eats many vegetables, and fermented food like miso, kimchi and yoghurt.




The Harajuku model revealed that she once lost nearly 10 kilograms, thanks to fruits aojiru drink or vegetable juice drink made from green leafy vegetables. “I have rule that I won’t eat anything when it’s 7 pm. I used to drink tea when I feel thirsty, but then I switched into vegetables juice, and it feels better than ever,” she said.


Gen Hoshino

Popular actor and musician Gen Hoshino has lost 5 kilograms in just two weeks. The trick? It’s cabbage. Hoshino said that he’ll eat plenty amount of cabbage with his favourite dressing like mayonnaise, salt and pepper. “I also eat it with eggs and meats,” he said. I have no food restriction but after eating cabbages with protein, I’ll feel so full so it prevents me to eat more food.” With this diet, Hoshino successfully lost weight from 62 to 57 kilograms.

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