Gyaku-choco (逆チョコ), or “reversed chocolate”, is chocolate gifts given by males to females on Valentine’s Day. In Japan, this is an unusual and refreshing concept, because giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a girl thing. A survey lately conducted by onet, a marriage partner service company from Rakuten Group to 241 women aged 20 to 59 upon a question: “Which male celebrities that will likely make their own gyaku-choco?” Check out the result below!

5. Yoshihiko Inohara (11,2%)


Well known as a thoughtful, gentle member of boyband V6 and morning presenter in NHK, Inohara or Inocchi does seems like a type that will make you plenty of sweets, full with love!

4. Shōsuke Tanihara (11,6%)


As a father of 6 children, actor Tanihara is said to be very skillfull in the kitchen. He’s likely going to make a “smart” and adult-like sweets for Valentine’s.

3. Taiyo Sugiura (21,2%)


Sugiura is a qualified vegetable and fruits advisor, and of course is said to be a good cook as well. Maybe that’s why he often appears on cooking/gourmet programs like “Kitchen ga Hashiru!”, “Mahou no Resutoran R”, and many more.

2. Takeshi Tsuruno (22,8%)


Tsuruno is usually well known as a hands-on father in housework and parenting. That’s why, making candies together with him seems to be so much fun.

1. Mokomichi Hayami (66,8%)



And of course, Mokomichi Hayami won the votes, since he has cooking show on TV (ZIP! MOCO’S Kitchen). With handsome face, tall figures and famous cooking skill, he will likely make you a delicious treat for Valentine’s.

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