Happy New Year 2017!

New Year in Japan is one of few times you can see Japanese wearing kimono and go to the Shinto Shrine (Jinja) to pray for health and prosperity for the coming year. This time, let’s see some celebrities in kimono who tweeted their New Year’s message to their fans.

Idol singer and actress Kanna Hashimoto opted for a simple greeting in a Japanese style room:

Actress Suzu Hirose, one of most popular actresses last year chose a bright red kimono and simple hairdo:

Actress Mei Nagano who’s going to star in the upcoming Hirunaka no Ryusei said that she’s going to have her otoshidama (New Year’s money gift) and eat ozoni (Japanese New Year mochi soup) at her grandfather’s house:

Model Nicole Fujita looks cute in her yellow and pink kimono:

Ray magazine model Mizuki Nishikawa posted several pictures of her in various kimono and posted a link to her LINE blog:

Popteen Magazine model Miyu Ikeda posted a New Year greeting with a black sexy kimono:

Fuuko Yagura rom NMB48 shared a glimpse of her cute and unique pink obi:

TV Personality Haruka Christine also wished you a Happy New Year:

Actor and model Ryoma Takeuchi posted this tweet and said that he’ll also work hard for dorama Last Cop this year.

Jun Utahiroba from Golden Bomber wished you a Happy New Year:

Another Golden Bomber’s member, Yutaka Kyan also tweeted a simple message: omedetou! (congratulations!)


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