Osechi Ryori are the traditional foods eaten on New Year’s Days. The osechi ryori includes food that had symbolic significance for health, fertility, longevity and good fortune. The preparation of making osechi ryori is usually finished before New Year. The dishes are either dried or high in sugar or vinegar to preserve the food for a couple of days. Each dish serves as a wish for the coming year. There are some meanings behind the dishes of traditional osechi ryori,

Names of dishes (In Japanese) Names of dishes (In English) Meaning
Daidai Japanese bitter orange It symbolizes a wish for children in the New Year
Datemaki Sweet rolled omelette mixed with fish paste It symbolizes a wish for many auspicious days
Kamaboko Broiled fish cake It has a celebratory, festive meaning
Kazunoko Herring Roe It symbolizes a wish to be gifted with numerous children in the New Year
Konbu Seaweed It has a meaning of joy
Kuro mame Black soybeans It symbolizes a wish for health in the New Year
Tai Red sea bream It symbolizes an auspicious event
Tazukuri Dried sardines in soy sauce It symbolizes an abundant harvest
Ebi Prawns cooked with sake and soy sauce It symbolizes a wish for a long-life
Nishiki tamago Egg roulade It symbolizes wealth and good fortune


Many Japanese posted the pictures of osechi ryori in their instagram account. They were so colorful and pretty. The sight of the food will make your mouth water. Let’s see some of their postings below.


Source: Instagram Account Kanna Izumi

Source: Instagram Account izukaaaaan



Source: Instagram Account remi_912


Source: Instagram Account kokoronotane

Feature image taken from instagram account machurei


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