Hida Furukawa, which is situated in the middle of Archipelago Japan, is becoming very popular due to Japanese movie titled “Kimi no na wa”. The movie exposed the situation of Hida Furukawa area and as a result, the number of visitors from foreign and domestic area to Hida Furukawa is increasing, exposing the remaining castle town area and its living to more people. Our traditional inn is trying to preserve the atmosphere of that old castle town, the surrounding area and also the farmer village.

The Hida Furukawa is the town next to Takayama known as a popular tourist destination. In this castle town, there are about 1000 carps swimming in the Seto River that flow  through the middle of the old townscape. Other than the tourist destination attractions, the visitors can also enjoy the daily life of local residents such as children going to and returning from school, or shops (organic miso shop, candle maker and others). Many travelers have reported the high level of enjoyment of visiting this place. Therefore, we would welcome you to experience the same thing.

SUKIYA SUEHIRO HOUSE is a traditional inn in the castle town that preserves traditional architecture called SUKIYA Zukuri. SUKIYA Suehiro House helps you to make reservations for local restaurants, rental kimono shop, and other travel related demands. We invite you to enjoy Hida Furukawa Townscape with us.

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