I am an Indonesian who is currently pursuing my doctoral degree in a Japanese university. My research is about people’s preferences on specific attributes of urban forest. Japan is an expensive country but I do love Japan because the people are very helpful and they are extremely honest. In addition to research, I am also doing a part time job. My job is to give a report to about women’s football league in Japan. I really like this job because I can learn so many things from the games. The Japanese men spectators are very polite toward the female players. I have never heard some sexist comments from their mouth.  They don’t give any rude comments to the players, I really admire this kind of attitude. The spectators treat the female players very well, I admire their sportsmanship. The female players are very professional. You can see from their attitudes and you can feel their positive vibes.

I hope someday the people in my country will adopt both the spectators and the players’ attitudes.

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