NHK’s 96th asadora (asa dorama, or morning dorama) titled “Hiyokko”, will start airing on April, 2017. The cast of this anticipated dorama was announced on a press conference in Tokyo, on January 30.

The leading actress, Kasumi Arimura (23) will act as Mineko Yatabe, a young woman who is searching for her father in Tokyo while working in a western restaurant called “Suzufuri Tei” in Akasaka. Actor Kuranosuke Sasaki (48) will play the chef role, Shogo Makino who watches over Mineko, and actress Nobuko Miyamoto (71) will act as Makino’s mother.

Another cast of Hiyokko are Emi Wakui, Hitomi Sato, Honoka Matsumoto, Ryoko Fujino, Hayato Isamura, Ryo Ryusei, Fujiko Kojima, and Yuki Yagi. Be sure to watch Hiyokko on NHK, starts in April 3 2017, every Monday to Saturday, at 8 am.

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