You might have read our fuyu dorama recommendations here, but still we think there are many other interesting dorama to watch this winter! Here they are:


Totsuzen Desuga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

(Fuji TV, Monday at 21 PM, starts January 23)

Cast: Mariya Nishiuchi, Ryuta Yamamura (from flumpool)

Story: based on a popular manga with the same title by Izumi Miyazono, the story is about Asuka Takanashi (Mariya Nishiuchi), a qualified and hard working woman who has a dream to get married, become a housewife and create a warm house for her future family. Unfortunately, he got dumped by her boyfriend. While looking for a marriage partner, she encountered a handsome, popular TV announcer Ryu Nanami (Ryuta Yamamura) who loathes the idea of marriage…



Uso no Sensou

(Fuji TV, Tuesday at 21 PM, starts January 10)

Cast: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Naohito Fujiki, Kiko Mizuhara, Ken Yasuda, Masachika Ichimura, Mizuki Yamamoto

Story: The protagonist Koichi (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) was 9 years old when his father was accused of killing his wife and youngest child, and committing suicide. But in reality, Koichi’s father was framed and he actually saw the real killer. He told the police, but nobody believes his story and being called “liars” by his relatives. Koichi then moved overseas, changed his names and became a swindler. After 30 years, he moves back to Japan to take revenge.



Rental no Koi

(TBS, Wednesday at 00:10 AM, starts January 18)

Cast: Ayame Gouriki, Taiga, Yukino Kishii, Kentari, Mikie Hara

Story: Remi Takasugi (Ayame Gouriki) is the most popular woman in “Rental Lovers”, a company which offers women for dates. Remi carries out request from her customers perfectly, but she doesn’t provide sexual service. She never smiles everytime the date is over, and wears a strange bandage on her neck. Who is Remi actually? And what about that bandage? Is she a cyborg? An ET? Let’s find out!



Shuukatsu Kazoku –Kitto, umaku iku-

(Asahi TV, Thursday at 9 PM, starts January 12)

Cast: Tomokazu Miura, Hitomi Kuroki, Atsuko Maeda, Asuka Kudo, Tae Kimura

Story: The Tomikawa seems like a perfect family. The father, Tomikawa Yuusuke is a director of personal department in a large company, while the mother Tomikawa Mizuki is a junior high school language teacher. Their daughter, Tomikawa Shiori is working in a jewelry maker company, while their son Tomikawa Hikaru is is currently looking for a job. But something comes to this peaceful family and they began to collapse…



Okaasan, Musume wo Yamete Ii Desuka

(NHK, Fridays at 22 PM, January 13-March 3)

Cast: Haru, Yuki Saito, Yuya Yagira, Yumi Asou, Yasufumi Terawaki

Story: Mizuki Hayase (Haru) and her mother Akiko (Yuki Saito) are like best friends. Mizuki, a teacher at a girls high school, totally trust her mother, while Akiki is a devoted mother herself, making her husband Koji (Yasufumi Terawaki) seems like an outsider intheir family. But the situation changes when housemaker Matsushima (Yuya Yagira) begins working for the Hayase family…




(NTV, Sunday at 00:55 AM, starts January 22)

Cast: Ryo Matsuda, Shuto Miyazaki, Shintaro Anzai, Tomoru Akazawa, isanori Sato

Story: Based on manga Dansui! by Tatsuya Kiuchi, the dorama is about a weak swimming club in Tokyo Higaigaoka High Scool, an all males high school. The swimming club chief Shuhei Sakaki (Ryo Matsuda) and the other two members set a goal to recruit more members. Will they find the idel members?

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